Church Family (January 19, 2020)

Church Family – (January 19, 2020) – Elder Bryce Lowrance examines the Apostle Paul’s 1st letter to Timothy, specifically the beginning of chapter 5. He looks at how our church family is much like our earthly family. What does God’s word say about how we should respect our parents and raise our children? How do we show respect to one another and why do we?

Conditional Time Salvation (1-12-20)

Conditional Time Salvation (January 12, 2020) – Elder Bryce Lowrance examines the “save thyself, and them that hear thee” statement that concludes 1st Timothy chapter 4. After reminding us that eternal salvation is of the Lord only (Isaiah 43:11), he shows how the “save thyself” is not about eternal salvation at all, but rather a conditional time salvation. Brother Bryce then turns to the verses leading up to that statement to fully explain just what the Apostle Paul meant and why a distinction has to be drawn between eternal salvation and a salvation here in time.

Putting on the whole armour of God (January 5, 2020)

Putting on the whole armour of God (January 5, 2020) – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins preaching from Ephesians chapter six. After reminding us that our eternal salvation is secure in Jesus Christ, he considers the battle we are in today. He looks at each piece of the armour mentioned in the chapter. What is the significance of each piece of armour? How do we use it, and to what end?

The show or the message (December 22, 2019)

The show or the message (December 22, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance looks to the Gospel of Luke chapter two and the setting of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He considers the first gospel message preached then, as well as the scene when the angel and the heavenly host came. He then looks at what the shepherds took away from that scene.

The Spirit speaketh expressly (December 15, 2019)

The Spirit speaketh expressly (December 15, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches from the first six verses of 1st Timothy chapter 4. He looks at how the Holy Spirit speaks expressly regarding how some children of God will depart from the faith and how. He then turns to the “good minister of Jesus Christ” mentioned in verse six and what things a good minister should put the brethren in remembrance of.