January 23, 2022 • Brother Jonah Lowrance & Elder Bryce Lowrance

January 23, 2022
Brother Jonah Lowrance • “The Importance of Belief in the Trinity” The doctrine of the Triune nature of the Godhead is clearly taught in scripture. If we do not believe in this doctrine, we are in danger of embracing many false teachings and heresies.
Elder Bryce Lowrance • Psalm 13 “The Howling Psalm”
David cries out “How Long?” four times in anxious despair. Yet after he prays, he moves from feeling that God has left him to realizing that God has blessed him bountifully. When we are discouraged and think that God is not there, we need to turn to Him in penitent prayer and ask for His favor in our lives. When He grants peace, we should sing praise!

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