May 15, 2022 •  Elder Bryce Lowrance

May 15, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance

Colossians 8 “How Do We Receive Christ?” Colossians 2:6 • Elder Bryce Lowrance How do we receive Christ? How a person answers that question greatly affects how they walk in Christ. If salvation be by man’s will or works, then our continued works are the grounds for our justification before a Holy God. However, if salvation is by grace plus nothing, then we are secure in the finished work of Christ. God gets all the glory for salvation, and we can walk in humble obedience out of just pure thankfulness.
May 1, 2022 •  Elder Bryce Lowrance

May 1, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance

Colossians 7 “When Church Works” Colossians 2:1-5 • Elder Bryce Lowrance When the pastor that the Lord has chosen to feed His flock faithfully delivers the whole counsel of God, and when the congregation responds in thankful obedience, the glory of the perfect and finished work of Christ is revealed. God is greatly praised. And the church members grow closer together in the riches of the full assurance of salvation.
February 27, 2022 • Brother Jonah Lowrance & Elder Bryce Lowrance

February 27, 2022 • Brother Jonah Lowrance & Elder Bryce Lowrance

Stand Fast in Liberty • Galatians 5 – Brother Jonah Lowrance The Apostle Paul now makes practical application of what he has been teaching the churches in Galatia. He shows them and us that faith manifests itself in two way – love and hope. We are not be legalistic nor antinomian in our service to the Lord. We are to live in liberty by living for the benefit of others.
Grace Is Enough • Titus 3:1-7 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Elder Bryce continues with the same theme of “faith working by love” as he teaches about Paul’s main point of his letter to Titus. The doctrine of grace is sufficient teaching and motivation for good works. Any other reason for good works in without true faith and is unprofitable for the child of God.
February 20, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance – Psalm 46

February 20, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance – Psalm 46

Psalm 46 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Our world is filled with dangers and uncertainties, and Satan seeks to rob our minds of hope and joy. Psalm 46 reminds us that God is greater than all the fears and powers that seem to bear down us in our lives. in this song of God’s power, David calls on us to run the our true Refuge, Jesus Christ. And when we are there, we are to be still and know that He is God and will keep us from all harm.

1st John Series • 5. Love Not the World

1st John Series • 5. Love Not the World (January 31, 2021) In 1st John Chapter 2, there are two major charges given to the children of God – They are to love the brethren but they are NOT to love the world. In today’s message, we find that John is telling us that the life of Jesus Christ, and His standard of holiness, is the measure to which we should compare ourselves. It is only by walking more like Christ that we gain assurance of salvation and find liberty to live our lives in joyfulness.

1st John Series • 4. Because

1st John Series • 4. Because – 1st John 2:312-14 (January 24, 2021) In chapter 2 of his Epistle, John has just given a major charge to the disciples of Christ to love others just like Jesus loves them. A few verses later, John will give an equally grand charge to “love not the world.” Between these two charges, he gives a small “pep rally” reminding each of us, that no matter what level of maturity we have in Christ, we are all loved and blessed by the same Father and His Son Jesus Christ. And it is “because” of these graces that John writes to them and us.

1st John Series • 3. How Do We Know?

1st John Series • 3. How Do We Know? – 1st John 2:3-11 (January 17, 2021) Elder Bryce continues teaching how we are to find joy in our lives even though the whole world lies in wickedness. Today’s message shows the way that we know we are chosen in Christ is when we live like Christ. In keeping Christ’s commandment to love, we show that the love of God is in us. This assures us that we were chosen by God in the covenant of election. In knowing we have this eternal life, we have true joy.

1st John Series • 2. The First Step to Finding Joy

1st John Series • 2. The First Step to Finding Joy. 1/10/21 (1st John 1:4-2:2) John told his readers that his purpose for writing to them is so that they could live a joyful life even though the whole world lies in wickedness. In this message, Elder Bryce shows us that John faithfully tells us how Jesus designed for us to find that joy. In order to have a joyful walk with God from day to day we must see sin as God sees sin. We must repent of it and walk more like Jesus.