Psalm 1

August 15, 2021 • The Psalm of Psalms – Psalm 1 In this sermon, Elder Bryce shows how David describes the blessed life of the man of God who follows paths or righteousness. In contrast to this, the ungodly have a miserable end.

Psalm 2

Psalm 2 • June 13, 2021 Just like the times of 1st Century, the enemies of God still conspire against God and against His church. God laughed at their feeble efforts then and He laughs at them now. The people of God can take great comfort that Christ loves His bride and will protect her with all His power. The nations of the world should take heed and “kiss the Son” by acknowledging his almighty power and dominion.

Psalm 3

Psalm 3 • The Peace of Sovereign Grace – January 9, 2022
Elder Bryce Lowrance
Psalm 3 was written by David when he had to flee from Jerusalem because his son, Absalom, sought to kill him. When David considers the faithful and merciful character of God, he finds peace enough to rest even though he is in the middle of a flight for his life.

Psalm 4

Elder Bryce Lowrance • Psalm 4 “An Evening Prayer”
The key to finding peace and rest in this fallen world is understanding that God is our righteousness. He loves us, He chose us, He counts Christ’s righteousness as ours, and because of these facts, He is there for us when we call.

Psalm 5

Psalm 5 • Pray without Ceasing – February 6, 2022 Elder Bryce Lowrance 
In this Psalm, David shows us the striking differences in the way God views His elect and the wicked. God’s chosen ones have access by His abundant mercy to approach the throne of grace for help in time of need. The wicked continually seek to fulfill their own desires, and God will ultimately bring them to destruction. The righteous saints of God are redeemed freely by the blood Jesus Christ and therefore have direct access to the Father and can expect help when they ask in faith.

Psalm 6

September 5, 2021 • Elder Bryce Lowrance – Psalm 6 In this Psalm, David does not plead to have his chastisement to cease. He prays that he would see that God loves him and that is why he needs correction. Further, he prays that his desire to sin be taken away so that he walks upright. David concludes the Psalm by praying that the devil and temptation would be ashamed for even trying to persuade him to walk away from the Lord.

Psalm 7

August 21, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance – The Song of the Slandered Saint • Psalm 7 – One of the most hurtful things the devil uses against the Lord’s people are rumors and slanderous conversations. David teaches us how to properly handle these situations. Rather than whining to everyone by voice or on social media, we should take the case to the only One Who can handle it properly, the Lord. When we appeal to the righteous God of heaven, we are asking for help from One Who cares and is ready to judge His enemies and ours.

Psalm 8

August 29, 2021 • Elder Bryce Lowrance – Psalm 8 When we consider the wonders of heaven, we see that God’s glory is beyond our imagination and that man, in his fallen state, is insignificant and wretched. So, why does God even consider us? The answer is only found in one place — the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Psalm 9:1-10

In Praise of the Judgment of God • Psalm 9:1-10 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Elder Bryce preaches concerning Psalm 9 and David’s celebration of God’s victory over His enemies. He notices that David shows us in this passage that we can rejoice in God’s justice while simultaneously thanking Him for His grace and mercy. Brother Bryce goes through the first 10 verses and looks at how passages in John 3, Romans 3 and 1 Corinthians 15 harmonize with what God inspired David to write in Psalm 9. He exhorts us to follow David’s example and praise the Lord every day and in worship together, that we can also rejoice in God’s marvelous works, and that we should remember God is the one that wins the victory, not ourselves or our works.  
This message was preached on Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Psalm 9:11-20

Let the Church Sing Praise to the Lord • Psalm 9 Part 2 Psalm 9:1-20 – Elder Bryce Lowrance David began this Psalm stating that he was going to praise the Lord every moment of every day for the glory of His judgment. The second half of the Psalm calls on all the people of God to worship the Lord by actively singing praises to Him in the local church and learning about His works in the preaching of the gospel.

This message was preached on Sunday, April 16, 2023


God’s Word vs. Man’s Word • Psalm 12 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Elder Lowrance takes us through a Psalm that could have been penned today. The current “woke” culture that pervades our society has set the stage where no true discussion happens. Everyone talks at or about others but never to them. Lies have become the norm. But God’s word is true. God promised to deliver His children from the vane lies of the wicked, and He has proven trustworthy in that He preserved His written word for us all these generations.

Psalm 13

January 23, 2022 • Psalm 13 “The Howling Psalm” Elder Bryce Lowrance
David cries out “How Long?” four times in anxious despair. Yet after he prays, he moves from feeling that God has left him to realizing that God has blessed him bountifully. When we are discouraged and think that God is not there, we need to turn to Him in penitent prayer and ask for His favor in our lives. When He grants peace, we should sing praise!

Psalm 16

The Precious Golden Secret • Psalm 16 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Elder Bryce preaches from Psalm 16 concerning our risen Savior and our hope found in Jesus Christ. He begins by considering that the Apostle Peter quotes the Psalm in the book of Acts, with Peter making clear to us that Psalm 16 is a Messianic psalm and is from our Messiah’s perspective. The psalm begins with a lesson for us to trust in God just as our Savior trusted God the Father. Then Brother Bryce considers the ensuing conversation Jesus has with Himself and the other lessons we can learn from it, ultimately leading up to the last verse and what should give us “fulness of joy” today.

This message was preached on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

Psalm 19

July 25, 2021 “The Heavens Declare” Psalm 19 part 1. Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches from the first part of the two-fold testimony of the glory of God declared in Psalm 19. In this portion, we find that all mankind has abundant evidence of the existence and power of God. Therefore, those who do not glorify Him are without excuse.

August 1, 2021 • “The Law of the Lord Is Perfect” Psalm 19 part 2. Elder Bryce Lowrance completes his message on Psalm 19 and describes the perfection of the word of God and its sufficiency for all wisdom and knowledge.

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 “The Lord Is MY Shepherd (December 5, 2021) When we walk in paths of righteousness, we recognize that Jesus is our Good Shepherd. With that assurance, we can face every trouble, trial or enemy in the peace of God.

Psalm 27

Psalm 27 “King David’s New Year’s Resolution” (January 1, 2023) – We all make resolutions for the New Year or at other times but very often those goals focus on ourselves. David understood that his only source of strength and courage came from the LORD. Therefore, he desired “one thing” and that was to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of His life. Oh that we could see the benefits of closer fellowship with God today, tomorrow, and all the days of the upcoming year!

Psalm 30

Psalm 30 “There’s Joy in the Morning” (May 16, 2021) Elder Bryce preaches from Psalm 30. In this Psalm David has felt the chastening hand of God for his sin. He prays to God for deliverance and has been forgiven. In response, David not only sings praises to God for His holiness, he encourages all the elect of God to sing as well.

Psalm 34:1-7

Psalm 34:1-7 “I Will Bless the Lord at All Times” (September 12, 2021) Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches concerning Psalm 34 and just what exactly David was doing before he uttered the words found in Psalm 34. He looks at David’s fears and what is recorded in 1st Samuel when David flees from King Saul and the terrible sequence of events that David causes. Despite that, David finally realizes where his hope is found, penning the words found in Psalm 34. What can we learn from David’s experience? What happens when we don’t trust the Lord? What happens when we do trust Him?

Psalm 34:8-22

Psalm 34:8-22 “Church in the Cave” (September 19, 2021) Elder Bryce Lowrance continues his message from Psalm 34 by reviewing the events that led up to the writing of the Psalm and the first seven verses. Then, he relates David’s experience of deliverance by God and his exhortation to others to trust in the Lord. David calls on us to just “taste” the fact that the Lord is good.

Psalm 37:1-6

Psalm 37:1-6 • “Trust in the Lord and Do Good” (May 23, 2021) Elder Bryce preaches from Psalm 37 where David shows us the four key ways to stop fretting. We are to 1. Trust God 2. Delight in the things of God 3. Commit our lives to God and 4. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently on Him.

Psalm 42

Psalm 42 • October 17, 2021 In this beloved Psalm of David, the author has a conversation with his own soul. For anyone who has ever had doubts and fears about how much the Lord cares, this Psalm gives great hope! Regardless of the circumstances of life, God will never leave us nor forsake us. So we, like David, should charge ourselves to hope in God.

Psalm 46

Psalm 46 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Our world is filled with dangers and uncertainties, and Satan seeks to rob our minds of hope and joy. Psalm 46 reminds us that God is greater than all the fears and powers that seem to bear down us in our lives. in this song of God’s power, David calls on us to run the our true Refuge, Jesus Christ. And when we are there, we are to be still and know that He is God and will keep us from all harm.

Psalm 47

November 12, 2021 • Elder Bryce Lowrance Psalm 47 “Clapping, Shouting, and Singing” – In this Psalm celebrating the victories of God, we find that we should not hold back our praise of God. If we are truly excited about God’s grace we may even find ourselves clapping with “happy sounds.” In particular, this Psalm celebrates the ascension of Christ back to His throne. At that moment, there was shouting in heaven. David then tells us that we should respond with continual singing.

Psalm 48

Psalm 48 • June 6, 2021  Although the author and occasion of this Psalm are unknown to us, the character and content of the Psalm fits very well to the reign of King Jehoshaphat. In particular, this Psalm reflects the victory he was given when God defeated the three armies that came against him at once. The spiritual application is much like the natural history of Judah. Zion, the church, is in the perfect place to bless and protect God’s people. It is the duty of all the elect to gather themselves in a local church to “greatly praise” the Lord!

Psalm 61

Psalm 61 • The Rock That Is Higher Than I – Elder Bryce Lowrance (October 3, 2021) Preaching from Psalm 61, Elder Bryce teaches about the progression of the four “I Will” statements David makes in this Psalm. David says “I will cry.” Since the Lord will hear and answer, David says that he will abide in the tabernacle of God and trust Him. Finally, David recognizes that all his hope and peace comes from the Lord so he says, “I will sing praises.”

Psalm 113

Psalm 113 • “The Circle of Praise” (October 31, 2021) Elder Bryce Lowrance. Psalm 113 is the first Psalm of the Hallel or “praise” Psalms (114-118 are the others). This collections of Psalms was sung during the various Jewish festivals. In this Psalm, David shows us that God should be praise by everyone, all the time, and in all places.

Psalm 114

Psalm 114 • “Adonai – Praise to the Almighty God” – Elder Bryce Lowrance looks to Psalm 114 and considers one particular characteristic of God, specifically His power. He looks at how the Psalm begins with a reminder regarding Israel’s deliverance from captivity. Brother Bryce explains how the Psalmist recalls three specific, miraculous occasions in which God delivered his people and the details of each occasion. He then looks at the significance of the “Lord” of verse seven and how the power of God is demonstrated by both the miraculous occasions and the occasions in which he shows mercy to us.

This message was preached on Sunday, Mary 14, 2023.

Psalm 117

Psalm 117 (November 7, 2021) Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches from Psalm 117. This Psalm is the shortest chapter in the Bible but it has a huge amount say about the reasons for praise to be given to God. God has done everything for us. Therefore, we owe praise to God in every aspect of our life.

Psalm 121

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills (October 27, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches a message concerning the comforting declaration made in Psalm 121 that our God cares and is where our help comes from. He explains the significance of the hills referenced in verse one, the motivation we should have when we go to church, and the rest there is in knowing He takes care of His children. Brother Bryce further exhorts us to press on and remember that He has preserved us in Himself, emphasizing that God does the preserving and that we are not preserved by any act or attempt at perseverance of our own.

Psalm 131

Psalm 131 • Trust in the Lord in the New Year – January 2, 2022 – Elder Bryce Lowrance
In this “song of degrees,” David shows us that we need to closely examine ourselves to see our need for God. We are to wean ourselves of the self-sufficient attitude of the old man while fully trusting in the providence of God.

Psalm 133

Our View of the Church (April 19, 2020) Elder Bryce teaches from Psalm 133 and shows how to recognize our level of discipleship and increase our devotional to God.

Psalm 137

Psalm 137 • By the Rivers of Babylon – Elder Bryce Lowrance (September 26, 2021) Psalm 137 is ironic in that it is a song about not being able to sing. The children of Israel were in captivity in Babylon and could not sing a song of joy because they were mourning for their sins and were away from Zion. We too should have this same attitude about our sins and the things that would separate us from the Lord’s church.

Psalm 139:1-18

Psalm 139:1-18 • Life Is Precious – Elder Bryce Lowrance (October 24, 2021) In this Psalm, David encourages himself by realizing that God has been with him all through life’s journey. God is present during our times of joy and during our deepest sorrow. His love surrounds us wherever we are. This love of God began in eternity but became truly special as God forms us in our mother’s womb. Human life is in the image of God. Therefore, we ought to view all human life as precious. We have a duty to advocate and protect the pre-born.