2019 Sermons

The show or the message (December 22, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance looks to the Gospel of Luke chapter two and the setting of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He considers the first gospel message preached then, as well as the scene when the angel and the heavenly host came. He then looks at what the shepherds took away from that scene.
The Spirit speaketh expressly (December 15, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches from the first six verses of 1st Timothy chapter 4. He looks at how the Holy Spirit speaks expressly regarding how some children of God will depart from the faith and how. He then turns to the “good minister of Jesus Christ” mentioned in verse six and what things a good minister should put the brethren in remembrance of.
Six things without controversy (December 8, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of sermons concerning the book of 1st Timothy. He goes to chapter three verse 16 to expound upon six things we are told concerning the mystery of godliness.
Absolute Truth (December 1, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of sermons concerning the book of 1st Timothy, looking at the importance of church. He goes to chapter three verse 15 to look at the significance of the statement that the church is “the pillar and ground of the truth.”
Requirements of the office of deacon (November 17, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages in the book of 1st Timothy, specifically the requirements of the deacon referenced in chapter three.
Requirements of the office of an elder (November 10, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages in the book of 1st Timothy, specifically the requirements of the “office of a bishop” referenced in chapter three.
Titles (November 3, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches about the subject of titles. He considers the reasons why Primitive Baptists use the term “elder” as a title for preachers of the gospel. He then considers various titles we are commanded not to use (and why), as well as other good titles like pastor, servants, and saints.
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills (October 27, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches a message concerning the comforting declaration made in Psalm 121 that our God cares and is where our help comes from. He explains the significance of the hills referenced in verse one, the motivation we should have when we go to church, and the rest there is in knowing He takes care of His children. Brother Bryce further exhorts us to press on and remember that He has preserved us in Himself, emphasizing that God does the preserving and that we are not preserved by any act or attempt at perseverance of our own.
The role of women in the church (1st Timothy series) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the book of 1st Timothy. He focuses on just what exactly the Apostle Paul meant in chapter two when he describes the role of women.
Prayer (October 13, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages from 1st Timothy chapter two, focusing on the first eight verses and a study of prayer. He explains the “all men” referenced in verse one, as well how we ought to pray, why we should pray, and the kinds of prayers that can be made to God.
The end of the commandment & This charge (October 6, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance considers the charge given by Paul to Timothy to “war a good warfare” in 1st Timothy 1:18. Brother Bryce then backs up to the “end of the commandment” in verse five, looking at how we can war a good warfare while doing so in charity, against the right enemy, and to the right end.
Now unto the King eternal (September 29, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins preaching from 1st Timothy chapter 1. He begins by considering the command to “teach no other doctrine” and the succeeding statements from Paul on what not to teach or allow. He looks at how Paul re-affirms charity’s role and what the law shows us. Brother Bryce then turns to the testimony of the Apostle Paul and how Paul affirms the only way we are in Christ is by grace and that it’s all about what Christ did, ultimately considering just what we should take away from Paul’s declaration in verse 17 “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”
Cleaving unto & Serving the Lord – (September 15, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance concludes a series of sermons concerning the book of Joshua, looking at the charges given in chapters 23 and 24 to cleave to the Lord and serve Him. He notes how we’re reminded early on in chapter 23 to be courageous and to have the right mindset. He then considers what it means to “cleave unto the Lord” here in time before turning to the charge given in chapter 24 to serve the Lord. He looks at the pledge of service made, the witness of it, and the significance their oath should have for us to today as we seek to serve the Lord and His church.
The children of Israel heard say (September 8, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins by considering the command of the Lord to forgive one another before turning to Joshua chapter 22 and the account of the altar. He looks at how the children of Israel were ready to go to battle and destroy the children of Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh based on a rumor and assumption. He looks at what happened when the two sides talked with one another. Brother Bryce ultimately exhorts us to talk to our brothers and sisters in Christ and not act solely upon a rumor. He ends with considering the proper way to handle private offenses according to Matthew 18 and revisiting the subject of forgiveness by noting that when we forget to forgive, we tend to forget that we’re forgiven in Jesus Christ.
Joshua Series: Golan and Revealed (September 1, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance finishes a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the sixth city of Golan means revealed. In continuing to look at the cities being like unto the character of Jesus Christ, Brother Bryce turns to Hebrews chapter two. He begins by considering the exhortation to not let the things of the Lord, the gospel, slip from our minds. Brother Bryce continues thru the chapter to establish how the Lord was revealed and manifested in this world, ultimately asking and answering the question “What’s the gospel for?”
2019 Annual Meeting – Sunday – The Cross of Christ (August 25, 2019) – Elder Joe Nettles begins in 1st Corinthians 1:17-18 and preaches concerning the cross of Christ, exhorting us to not be ashamed of the cross and to live in assured anticipation of Jesus taking us home. He goes through the assurance we derive from the fulfillment of prophecy concerning the cross and Jesus’ crucifixion, focusing on Psalm 22. He considers how Jesus was the perfect passover lamb, how the crucifixion unfolded relative to prophecy, how Jesus endured the eternal sufferings of billions of His people, and how we should take great comfort in the knowledge of the reconciliation and redemption that Jesus obtained on the cross.
2019 Annual Meeting – Saturday – Heaven is right (August 24, 2019) – Elder Joe Nettles begins preaching in 2nd Peter 3:13-14 concerning heaven being right and some things the scriptures teach us about heaven. He disproves the notion that heaven will be here on this earth before moving on to teach that we should take great comfort in knowing that righteousness dwells there and that there is no variableness or shadow or turning in heaven. He goes through what it means and the comfort we have in knowing that our citizenship is there, our possession is there, our name is written there, our charged servants in the angels are there, and, most of all, that our intercessor and high priest is there.
August 23, 2019 Friday night – God of order – Elder Branan Hooven introduces services by turning to Mark 7:37 and preaches concerning the comfort derived by knowing “He hath done all things well.” Elder Joe Nettles then preaches a message beginning in Isaiah 45:17-18 about how our God is a God of order. He shows us many examples of how the Lord has fine-tuned the universe so that we could dwell here on Earth, that his covenant of everlasting salvation stands sure by His own power. He looks at many scientific statements and theories to further affirm how science itself attests that a God of order created the heavens and the earth as scripture says He did.
Joshua series: Ramoth in Gilead (August 18, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the fifth city of Ramoth in Gilead means viewed quite highly. In continuing to look at the cities being like unto the character of Jesus Christ, Brother Bryce preaches from Hebrews chapter one and the latter part of Ephesians to establish just how high and lifted up our Savior is in Jesus Christ. He exhorts us to understand the ramifications of knowing that Jesus Christ is exalted far above us, that we’re bought with a price, and that Jesus is the head of every church, even today. Knowing that, Brother Bryce asks whether Jesus is our refuge. Does he deserve our praise and our time? Do our actions and service show forth our love for Him and one another? Do we see truly see how High and lifted up he really is?
Joshua series: Bezer in the wilderness (August 11, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the fourth city of Bezer is an inaccessible spot, a fortified place, in the wilderness of the plain. Brother Bryce considers what happens when Jesus comes as a fortified place in the wilderness to His church. He then turns to Isaiah 35, explaining the multi-step prophesies contained in it while emphasizing that much of the chapter concerns the gospel church established during the time of Jesus Christ. Brother Bryce notes that Jesus’s fortified place is not pleasing to men’s eyes, nor does it show forth what men consider beauty. He then reminds us that the place of refuge, and the joy and love thereof, is found in the fortified place that is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and to always remember that the only true source of strength in this world is found in Him.
Revival (August 4, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches a sermon concerning the subject of revival. He begins by considering the Lord’s statement through Haggai the prophet to the Israelites to “Consider your ways” and how the Israelites had focused on themselves before the house of the Lord. He explains what the Lord was saying and how the Israelites, and even the Lord’s people today, should respond to the Lord and ultimately evaluate our service to Him and His people. To show how complacent we can become, Brother Bryce turns to early American history and how the Kehukee Association’s Elder Burkitt bemoaned “There were but few added by baptism for several years” over a 12-year period that amounted to 1,256 baptisms. He then asks us what’s different about then versus now, adding that the Lord hasn’t changed but that we have. Concerning revival such as that in Haggai, Brother Bryce explains that the Lord pours out his blessings and that, when we respond, he pours out more blessings and gives the increase. However, he adds that we have to start off by considering our ways. Brother Bryce then exhorts the church to look at our our own lives individually and see what we need to change, adding that we are not in good spiritual shape if we find nothing that needs to be worked on or believe we’ve done enough in service to one another and the Lord. He further encourages the church not to doubt the Lord and to consider that the same God who admonished the Israelites through Haggai goes on to say “I am with you.”
Joshua series: Hebron and Fellowship (July 28, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the third city of Hebron means “fellowship.” He turns to Jesus’s lesson concerning abiding in the vine found in John chapter 15 that looks at how, here in time, there are some conditions of fellowship with Jesus Christ. Do we do things God’s way? Are we going to recognize we’ve been called into fellowship with the Son and act like the Son? Or are we going to be disobedient children and not have any joy in our lives? Brother Bryce makes clear that we should not set out to prove to the world that we’re children of God, but rather that we should “bear much fruit” due to a thankful heart for what God’s done for us. He briefly turns to the Parable of the Sower as found in Matthew 13 to establish how all four types are children of God, and he asks whether we’ve prepared ourselves to hear the word of God. Brother Bryce goes through the rest of John chapter 15 to explain what Jesus is telling us, including how the word “abide” in verse 10 is likened to fellowship. He closes by looking at the fellowship mentioned in verse three of 1st John chapter 1, noting that John reminds us that we fellowship our Father and his Son Jesus Christ by fellowshipping the church.
Joshua series: Shechem and Shoulder (July 21, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the second city of Shechem means “shoulder.” Brother Bryce then asks upon who’s shoulders is the weight of eternal salvation? He considers how verses like John 3:16 are used incorrectly to scare someone into believing the gospel. He dispels any idea that eternal salvation rests upon our shoulders, explaining that much of modern-day Christian teaching puts a weight on the children of God that they can never hope to bear. He then turns to Exodus 28 to see how the high priest then pointed to our high priest in Jesus Christ today, giving special attention to what was upon the shoulder of the high priest. Brother Bryce goes next to Isaiah 9 and considers how the government, including our eternal salvation, is upon the shoulder of a victorious, eternal Lord and Savior. He concludes by explaining that understanding the work of eternal salvation being upon His shoulders allows us to understand Matthew 11:28-30 properly, to be thankful, to come to Him for rest, and to “bear ye one another’s burdens” in the church.
Joshua series: Kedesh and Holiness (July 14, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the first city of Kedesh means “holy.” He asks whether we really appreciate how great and holy God is, noting that the typical view of God is far too small and common. Concerning God’s holiness, he begins in Isaiah 6 and the declaration that God is “holy, holy, holy” and set far apart and above us. He considers men’s reactions to the holiness of God as found in 1st Samuel 6 and Exodus 33 before turning back to Isaiah to affirm how seeing God’s holiness also shows us how unholy we are without Him. Brother Bryce then exhorts us to show our thankfulness for His holiness by asking ourselves to consider whether or not we are acting like it in our behavior, devotion, study, prayers, and how often we come to church. He also looks at the scriptures to establish that the same God that set himself aside sets us aside “that we should be holy and without blame before him in love,” adding that we need to be reminded we are sinners to remind us of our need for a holy Savior. Brother Bryce turns back to Isaiah 6 to look at how Isaiah seeing His God’s holiness caused Isaiah to see how unclean he was and ultimately led Isaiah to want to serve His God the much more. He concludes by turning to the New Testament to explain what we can take away from the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to “Quench not the Spirit.”
Joshua series: The cities of refuge (July 7, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge mentioned in the book of Joshua chapter 20. He explains the meaning of each city and how the cities’ meanings are also attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ and how the cities were to even act like the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Bryce then turns to Psalm 46 and goes through the chapter and the many reminders to be still and know that the Lord is a place of refuge and a present help, adding that we should go to His church for help and point those that need help to the place of refuge in Him and His church. Finally, he turns to the Hebrews chapter 6 to ask and answer the question “Is it worth it to put your full trust in God?”
Joshua series: Joshua’s inheritance (June 30, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of sermons in the Book of Joshua, focusing on Joshua’s inheritance mentioned in Joshua 19:49-50. Brother Bryce notes that Joshua didn’t demand a large inheritance or the greatest city, adding that Joshua didn’t get his inheritance until the other tribes were given their inheritance first. Considering Joshua’s example of putting the Lord and his fellow Israelites before himself, Brother Bryce turns to the New Testament and Paul’s exhortation to the Philippian church to see what similar lessons can be learned from chapter two. He explains what it means to “be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind” and how focusing on our own wants before others is often the stumbling block to being of one accord. Finally, he looks at what will happen when we humble ourselves and serve others, as Joshua and Christ did, and seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.           
Joshua series: Eleven hundred pieces of silver (June 23, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues preaching from the book of Joshua. He begins in Joshua 18 and the place of peace that was Shiloh, turning next to the account of the tribe of Dan and Judges 18. Brother Bryce exhorts us to not be slack concerning living a thankful life in His kingdom so that we might have peace and joy here in this world. He then looks specifically at the lessons that can be gleaned by tying together the eleven hundred pieces of silver mentioned in Judges 16, the eleven hundred shekels of silver in Judges 17, and the flashback to Joshua that is Judges 18. Brother Bryce considers how a little slothfulness, arrogance, and error affected Micah and his household, adding how the one household of Micah ultimately affected the tribe of Dan, and later Samson, when the tribe of Dan didn’t deal with Micah as the Lord commanded. Making application today, Brother Bryce reminds us to not mix in the idolatry of this world in either our homes or churches, to repent of the things we know we ought not to do, and to do small things every day for our brothers and sisters in Christ, in thankfulness and for the benefit of His kingdom, not ourselves.
Pulling Weeds (June 16, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches about the how the church doesn’t have problems that need to be fixed but rather is a garden to be tended, focusing on a how weeds affect a garden. He notes that the weeds in between the rows of a garden are a problem, to be sure, but that those weeds are not nearly as dangerous and difficult to deal with as the weeds closest to and in between the good plants. He begins by considering 2nd Chronicles 7:14 to remind us our problems are largely are our own creation. As for how to identify the weeds and sin around us, he explains proper judgment in the context of Matthew 7 and how we should not make judgment to condemnation as to who is going to hell. Brother Bryce then turns to Jude to establish how the “beloved” are exhorted to be compassionate and to help their brothers and sisters deal with the weeds in their lives. He also considers how we should recognize and deal with the weeds in our own lives so that we “can run with patience the race that is set before us,” noting that we are running that race already and should run the race as a marathon, together, knowing our Savior was victorious.
The New Birth (June 9, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches about the new birth, beginning by recounting Jesus’s conversation with a Pharisee named Nicodemus as recorded in John chapter 3, specifically how Jesus tells Nicodemus to marvel not at the truth that is the new birth or to think that Nicodemus has any part in accomplishing the new birth. He then turns to 1st Corinthians chapter 2, going through the chapter to explain how and what the Apostle Paul preached. He notes that the wisdom and power that Paul preached was the Lord’s wisdom and the Lord’s power, adding that we are born of the spirit “that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.”
Prayer (June 2, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches a message concerning the importance of prayer, beginning with how not praying affected the Israelites as recorded in Joshua chapter 9. He goes on to consider how the Lord was merciful when Joshua turned back to the Lord and prayed. He also examines the importance placed upon prayer in early America, exhorting us to pray and rely upon God’s counsel as we move forward in this world.
Importance of Singing – April 28, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches concerning the importance of singing in church worship. He begins in Psalm 22 before noticing how the Apostle Paul actually quotes Psalm 22 in Hebrews 2:12. In comparing the two texts, Brother Bryce explains how you can establish that singing praises is indeed how we praise God in our local church assembly. He then turns to Colossians 3, explaining how the chapter is about spiritual warfare and unity of a thankful church body. To show our thankfulness, the Apostle Paul instructs us in verse 16 to teach and admonish one another by singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with grace in our hearts to the Lord.
And He expounded concerning himself – April 21, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins preaching in first Corinthians chapter 15 concerning the gospel, namely the importance to the gospel of the resurrection, that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and that the dead will be raised on the last day. He then turns to the gospel according to Luke chapter 24, focusing on the account given in verses 13-36. Brother Bryce looks at what Old Testament scriptures Jesus might have preached to the two disciples when it was written in verse 27 “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.” Finally, he also considers how it was recorded that their hearts burned at the gospel message, encouraging us to rejoice and share with others when our hearts burn within us at the preaching of the gospel, including the assurance in knowing He is risen and alive today.
Joshua series: What it means to follow the Lord – April 14, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues preaching from the book of Joshua and considers what it means to follow the Lord. He begins in chapter three recounting how unified the Israelites were as they moved and followed after the ark of the covenant. He notes in verse four that the space was there “that ye may know the way by which ye must go.” Brother Bryce exhorts the church that we should stay in the word of God to know the way we must go today. He goes on to add that we should glorify God, and he looks to passages in Psalm 119 and Ephesian 1 to explain how we are in Christ and that His word should inform our Christian walk here in this world.Joshua series: What it means to follow the Lord – April 14, 2019 –
Joshua series: Faith of a hooker – April 7, 2019 – Beginning in Hebrews chapter 11, Brother Bryce considers Rahab’s act of faith in “receiving the spies in peace” as recorded in the book of Joshua. He notes how God is the author of Rahab’s faith, that Rahab is therefore just, and that she also lived by faith and did so when she asks that her loved ones be spared. Looking to the events in the book of Joshua, he establishes how God showed Rahab that he loves her, even as she doesn’t have it all right. Ultimately, Brother Bryce considers how encouraged we should be here today that the Lord changed the heart of the harlot Rahab and that we’re never too far away from the Lord that He can’t change our hearts, as well.
Joshua series: Comprehending God’s Love – March 31, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins by considering God’s love as mentioned in Ephesians chapter three, as well as the promises of God to the Israelites as found in the book of Joshua. Much like the Israelites were commanded to go in and possess the land, we can pray and encourage one another to fight the right battles with the knowledge that God already won the war and loves us with a perfect love. Brother Bryce then exhorts the congregation to fight one another’s battles always, especially when we may be doing well and our brothers and sisters in Christ are struggling in their battles or burdens. Finally, in considering that the “good courage” mentioned in Joshua means having the right way of thinking, we can gain further understanding of the Apostle Paul’s prayer for the minds of the saints in Ephesians chapter three to comprehend “the breadth, and length, and depth, and height” of God’s love.
Joshua Series: A good courage – March 24, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance begins a series of sermons concerning the book of Joshua, giving particular attention to how the accounts of the physical battles of that time can help us understand how to fight the spiritual battles of today and press into His kingdom, the church. He charges us to make the Lord’s will the priority of our lives, how to heed Hebrews 12:1’s command to run the “race that is set before us,” and how to understand the “good courage” spoken of three times in the first chapter of Joshua.

March 17, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance quickly looks to the battles of Joshua and the encouragement repeatedly found in even the first chapter to be strong and of a good courage. Elder Coy Thomas then preaches concerning Psalm 100 and how it harmonizes with New Testament worship and how it contrasts with the rest of the Old Testament.

March 10, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches concerning the spiritual battles we face here today. He starts by considering the historical accounts found in the book of Numbers concerning the battles the Israelites fought, including what can be learned when we look closely at how the Israelites handled those battles and the Lord’s instruction. He then considers the books of Romans chapter 12 and how to apply those lessons to the spiritual battles we face today, as well as how to fulfill our logical, “reasonable service” to His church and one another.

March 3, 2019 – Elder Sam Bowen summarizes the account of the life of Samson from the book of Judges. He then considers three lessons we can learn from Samson, beginning with the lesson of minding your Mom and Daddy by obeying the fifth commandment to “honour thy father and thy mother.” The second lesson is to know that If God tells you he’s going to do something or something will come to pass, it will happen. Finally, he considers how we can learn from Samson to never give up on the Lord.

February 24, 2019 – Brother John Morgan Owens considers the different accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion from the four gospels, especially the events leading up to the crucifixion and the prophecies being fulfilled. He begins in the Gospel of John chapter 18, going on to preach about how our Lord was not ashamed and laid down His life willingly.

February 17, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches concerning the first six verses of Proverbs chapter three, explaining how the “shall” found in verse six is a shall that requires action on our part. Starting with the commandments mentioned in verse one, Brother Bryce looks to Jesus’ commandments to “love the Lord thy God” and to “love thy neighbour as thyself.” Brother Bryce then continues verse by verse and exhorts the congregation to trust in the Lord and notice Him at work.

February 10, 2019 – Elder Josh Mason preaches a sermon concerning how you can see Jesus in the very details of the Ark of the Covenant. Starting with the premise that Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and fulfillment of the sacrifice, Brother Josh preaches about the gold, shittim wood, cherubims, dimensions, and other elements of the Ark that show us our Lord and Savior. He then considers the contents of the Ark in the law of the testimony, the golden pot, and Aaron’s rod, noting how Jesus can be seen in all three.

February 3, 2019 – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches from the book of Colossians chapter three, focusing on verses 12 through 15. He encourages the congregation to use those verses as a guide to do what God has told us to do and leave the battles with the devil to the Lord. Brother Bryce explains what is meant when the exhortation was given to “put on therefore” the qualities mentioned in the verses to follow. He goes through each of the qualities while also considering how the Lord Jesus Christ is our example in each instance, showing us how to strengthen our bond with one another by being more like Him.

January 27, 2019 – Elder Jabin James preaches a sermon concerning living water. He begins by examining what is the “living water” as referred to in John chapter four. He goes on to explain how it is that we may partake of that living water by heeding Jesus’ words in Luke 9:23 to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow Him. He concludes by explaining what it does for us in a spiritual way when we’re blessed to partake of the living water.

January 20, 2019 – Brother Bryce begins preaching in the gospel according to Matthew chapter five, specifically calling attention to what the phrases “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” really mean. After dispelling the notion that either term is about an outward show or appearance of a Christian walk, he then explains how His children are what God loves and savors about His creation. Concerning the light of the world, Brother Bryce makes it clear that we are not special of our own works but are called the light of the world because the Spirit taught us and placed His light in us. Brother Bryce then studies Jesus’ words in the following chapter to establish how He instructs us to actually be the salt of the earth and light of the world. He notes how Jesus’ instructs His children to care for others and pray in the right manner, adding in both cases that they aren’t to do those things with any selfish thoughts about being seen by others.

January 13, 2019 – Licentiate Rick Berry begins preaching in the book of Romans chapter 8 verse 28 noting that the “all things” in the verse is referring to the things of grace in verses 29 and 30, not that everything that ever happens to God’s children in this world works for good. He considers other times in scripture where “all things” is used and dispels the idea that “all things” means all things without exception. Continuing to verses 29 and 30, he discusses the doctrines of grace and that the Lord knows and saves them that are His. For our moments when we doubt our salvation, Brother Rick gives scriptural proofs that we can know our salvation standeth sure in Christ. He also considers the greatest commandments given by Jesus in Mark chapter 12 to “love the Lord thy God” and “love thy neighbor as thyself.” He exhorts us to be “partakers of the divine nature” as mentioned in 2nd Peter chapter one by adding to our faith virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity. He concludes by encouraging us to rejoice in the knowledge we have in Him and thank the Lord for it while we serve one another.

January 6, 2019 – Elder Bill Torrance preaches a message concerning how our lives should be focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, that we cannot have peace in this world without Him. He recounts the story of Christ’s birth from Luke chapter two and how, despite the world He was born into not being peaceful, the Prince of Peace in Jesus came into this world. Brother Bill then focuses on Jesus’ words in the gospel of John chapters 14-16, explaining what Jesus meant when He said “Peace I leave with you” and “in me ye might have peace.” He concludes by exhorting us to make the Prince of Peace the center of our lives, to rejoice in Him no matter our circumstances, and to let our light so shine before men that they might see Him. – Mount Paran Primitive Baptist Church in Walton County, Georgia.