September 4, 2022 •  Elder Bryce Lowrance

September 4, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance

It’s NOT in There! • Various Scripture ReferencesElder Bryce Lowrance – September 4, 2022 Elder Lowrance explores many popular sayings that people claim are in the Bible or that teach Biblical principles. He takes each of these and puts them on trial with the word of God. The phrases addressed are; “Everything in Moderation;” “I Can Do All Things;” “Money Is the Root of All Evil;” “Everything Happens for a Reason;” “God Won’t Give You More than You Can Handle;” & “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.”
August 21, 2022 •  Elder Bryce Lowrance & Brother Jonah Lowrance

August 21, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance & Brother Jonah Lowrance

The Song of the Slandered Saint • Psalm 7Elder Bryce Lowrance – One of the most hurtful things the devil uses against the Lord’s people are rumors and slanderous conversations. David teaches us how to properly handle these situations. Rather than whining to everyone by voice or on social media, we should take the case to the only One Who can handle it properly, the Lord. When we appeal to the righteous God of heaven, we are asking for help from One Who cares and is ready to judge His enemies and ours.
Belshazzar’s Feast • Daniel 5 – Brother Jonah Lowrance – In this message, Brother Jonah traces the history of the fall of Babylon through prophecy and secular history. In this, we learn that God keeps His promises and overrules the kingdoms of men in His time. God will ultimately bring down spiritual Babylon when Jesus returns to take us to be with Him forever.