March 13, 2022 • Bro. Jonah Lowrance & Elder Bryce Lowrance

Brother Jonah Lowrance “Brotherly Meekness” • Galatians 6;1-5 Church members have the responsibility of not only praying for one another but helping one another especially when someone has gone astray. Church discipline is church love because we are to seek to restore God’s children to full fellowship with the saints. This can only be done with a true spirit of meekness.

Elder Bryce Lowrance “Brethren” • Colossians 1:1-2 In this introductory message to Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians, Elder Bryce shows how Paul introduces the main theme of his letter by using the word “brother” and “brethren” in the opening verses. The heresies at Colossae have only one solution. That solution is giving all glory to God for salvation and living in thankfulness by loving our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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