September 19, 2022 •  Elder Bryce Lowrance

September 19, 2022 • Elder Bryce Lowrance

Redemption • Matthew 20:28 (and several supporting scriptures) – Elder Bryce Lowrance In this message, Elder Lowrance answers the question, “What did Christ’s death on the cross actually accomplish?” He makes the case for a successful Savior in the particular redemption of God’s elect by examining three postulates: 1. Jesus died for every sin of every person. 2. Jesus died for some of the sins of every person. 3. Jesus died for all of the sins of some people (the elect).

Ephesians • 6. In Whom We Have Redemption (Ephesians 1:7)

Ephesians Series • 6. In Whom We Have Redemption (May 24, 2020) /Ephesians 1:7/ Today’s message followed an introduction by Brother Jonah Lowrance describing the natural state of man with God’s grace. Build upon that premise, Elder Bryce teaches that our redemption is not by our will or works, nor is it a choice we made for Christ. Our redemption is based on the fact that God chose us in Christ before the word began. Therefore, our redemption is in HIM and solely by the will and pleasure of God.