Revival (August 4, 2019)

Revival (August 4, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches a sermon concerning the subject of revival. He begins by considering the Lord’s statement through Haggai the prophet to the Israelites to “Consider your ways” and how the Israelites had focused on themselves before the house of the Lord. He explains what the Lord was saying and how the Israelites, and even the Lord’s people today, should respond to the Lord and ultimately evaluate our service to Him and His people. To show how complacent we can become, Brother Bryce turns to early American history and how the Kehukee Association’s Elder Burkitt bemoaned “There were but few added by baptism for several years” over a 12-year period that amounted to 1,256 baptisms. He then asks us what’s different about then versus now, adding that the Lord hasn’t changed but that we have. Concerning revival such as that in Haggai, Brother Bryce explains that the Lord pours out his blessings and that, when we respond, he pours out more blessings and gives the increase. However, he adds that we have to start off by considering our ways. Brother Bryce then exhorts the church to look at our our own lives individually and see what we need to change, adding that we are not in good spiritual shape if we find nothing that needs to be worked on or believe we’ve done enough in service to one another and the Lord. He further encourages the church not to doubt the Lord and to consider that the same God who admonished the Israelites through Haggai goes on to say “I am with you.”

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