February 27, 2022 • Brother Jonah Lowrance & Elder Bryce Lowrance

Stand Fast in Liberty • Galatians 5 – Brother Jonah Lowrance The Apostle Paul now makes practical application of what he has been teaching the churches in Galatia. He shows them and us that faith manifests itself in two way – love and hope. We are not be legalistic nor antinomian in our service to the Lord. We are to live in liberty by living for the benefit of others.
Grace Is Enough • Titus 3:1-7 – Elder Bryce Lowrance Elder Bryce continues with the same theme of “faith working by love” as he teaches about Paul’s main point of his letter to Titus. The doctrine of grace is sufficient teaching and motivation for good works. Any other reason for good works in without true faith and is unprofitable for the child of God.

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