Joshua series: Eleven hundred pieces of silver – June 23, 2019

Joshua series: Eleven hundred pieces of silver (June 23, 2019) – Elder Bryce Lowrance continues preaching from the book of Joshua. He begins in Joshua 18 and the place of peace that was Shiloh, turning next to the account of the tribe of Dan and Judges 18. Brother Bryce exhorts us to not be slack concerning living a thankful life in His kingdom so that we might have peace and joy here in this world. He then looks specifically at the lessons that can be gleaned by tying together the eleven hundred pieces of silver mentioned in Judges 16, the eleven hundred shekels of silver in Judges 17, and the flashback to Joshua that is Judges 18. Brother Bryce considers how a little slothfulness, arrogance, and error affected Micah and his household, adding how the one household of Micah ultimately affected the tribe of Dan, and later Samson, when the tribe of Dan didn’t deal with Micah as the Lord commanded. Making application today, Brother Bryce reminds us to not mix in the idolatry of this world in either our homes or churches, to repent of the things we know we ought not to do, and to do small things every day for our brothers and sisters in Christ, in thankfulness and for the benefit of His kingdom, not ourselves.

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