Joshua series: Bezer in the wilderness (August 11, 2019)

Joshua series: Bezer in the wilderness (August 11, 2019) –  Elder Bryce Lowrance continues a series of messages concerning the six cities of refuge in Joshua chapter 20, noting that the fourth city of Bezer is an inaccessible spot, a fortified place, in the wilderness of the plain. Brother Bryce considers what happens when Jesus comes as a fortified place in the wilderness to His church. He then turns to Isaiah 35, explaining the multi-step prophesies contained in it while emphasizing that much of the chapter concerns the gospel church of today established during the time of Jesus Christ. Brother Bryce notes that Jesus’s fortified place is not pleasing to men’s eyes, nor does it show forth what men consider beauty. He then reminds us that the place of refuge, and the joy and love thereof, is found in the fortified place that is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and to always remember that the only true source of strength in this world is found in Him. 

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