February 13, 2022 • Brother Jonah Lowrance and Elder Bryce Lowrance

Galatians 4:21-31 • Paul’s Allegory – Brother Jonah Lowrance 
The true story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar is an allegory that teaches how the the church and the people of God should view the law. Any use of the law to seek justification is like Sarah giving Hagar to Abraham. This is not God’s chosen way. The law is to teach us about Jesus Christ – the only source of true and free justification and salvation.
Romans 8:1-3 • 2 Laws – Elder Bryce Lowrance Following up on the conclusions drawn by Brother Jonah, Elder Bryce shows that there are really only two laws regarding our salvation. One is the law of sin and death. The other is the law of the Spirit of life. If any aspect of a system of salvation gives even the smallest possibilities of eternal damnation it is a “law of sin and death.” True grace teaches that the finished work of Christ is sufficient for all the elect of God, and it leaves nothing in the hands of men. In Christ, we have no condemnation!

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