November 7, 2021 • Jonah & Bryce Lowrance

November 7, 2021 • Jonah & Bryce Lowrance

Brother Jonah Lowrance preaches from Galatians, Chapter 3 explaining to us what the true purpose of the law of Moses was. It was to show us the need we have for a savior and point us toward Jesus Christ. Any law we make for ourselves cannot save us Only the blood of Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice, is sufficient to redeem us.
Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches from Psalm 117. This Psalm is the shortest chapter in the Bible but it has a huge amount say about the reasons for praise to be given to God. God has done everything for us. Therefore, we owe praise to God in every aspect of our life.

October 31, 2021 • Psalm 113 Elder Bryce Lowrance

October 31, 2021 • Psalm 113 Elder Bryce Lowrance

Psalm 113 • “The Circle of Praise” (October 31, 2021) Elder Bryce Lowrance. Psalm 113 is the first Psalm of the Hillel or “praise” Psalms (114-118 are the others). This collections of Psalms was sung during the various Jewish festivals. In this Psalm, David shows us that God should be praise by everyone, all the time, and in all places.

October 17, 2021 • Psalm 42 “As Thirsts the Hart”

October 17, 2021 • Psalm 42 “As Thirsts the Hart”

Psalm 42 • “As Thirsts the Hart” – Elder Bryce Lowrance (October 17, 2021) In Psalm 42, David has a little talk with himself, but in doing so, he teaches us that we should do the same thing. When we are in distress, anxious, worried, or hurting in any way, we should remind ourselves of the promises of God. God has promised to always be with us. This fact will sustain us through all our trials. David also gives himself a hope of recovery when he looks forward to returning to public worship.

October 3, 2021 • Psalm 61

Psalm 61 • The Rock That Is Higher Than I – Elder Bryce Lowrance (October 3, 2021) Preaching from Psalm 61, Elder Bryce teaches about the progression of the four “I Will” statements David makes in this Psalm. David says “I will cry.” Since the Lord will hear and answer, David says that he will abide in the tabernacle of God and trust Him. Finally, David recognizes that all his hope and peace comes from the Lord so he says, “I will sing praises.”

September 26, 2021 • Psalm 137

Psalm 137 • By the Rivers of Babylon – Elder Bryce Lowrance (September 26, 2021) Psalm 137 is ironic in that it is a song about not being able to sing. The children of Israel were in captivity in Babylon and could not sing a song of joy because they were mourning for their sins and were away from Zion. We too should have this same attitude about our sins and the things that would separate us from the Lord’s church.

September 19, 2021 • Jeff and Bryce

September 19, 2021 • “Have the Mind of Christ” Brother Jeff Autry
preaches from Philippians, Chapter 2 where Paul gives the examples of Timothy and Epaphroditus for us to follow. These two men have more concern for the well being and hope of others than they do for themselves.

Elder Bryce Lowrance • Psalm 34:8-22 “Church in the Cave” Elder Bryce continues his message from Psalm 34 by reviewing the events that led up to the writing of the Psalm and the first seven verses. Then, he relates David’s experience of deliverance by God and his exhortation to others to trust in the Lord. David calls on us to just “taste” the fact that the Lord is good.

September 12, 2021 • Jonah and Bryce

September 12, 2021 • The Lord Is Trustworthy” Brother Jonah Lowrance
considers the subject of trust. Why should we trust God? Brother Jonah goes to the book of Daniel chapter 5 and the account of the “writing on the wall.” He then explains how God spoke through Isaiah the prophet a couple hundred years before the events found in Daniel and how God fulfills prophecy and always keeps his promises.  

Elder Bryce Lowrance • Psalm 34:1-7 “I Will Bless the Lord at All Times” Following Brother Jonah, Elder Bryce Lowrance preaches concerning Psalm 34 and just what exactly David was doing before he uttered the words found in Psalm 34. He looks at David’s fears and what is recorded in 1st Samuel when David flees from King Saul and the terrible sequence of events that David causes. Despite that, David finally realizes where his hope is found, penning the words found in Psalm 34. What can we learn from David’s experience? What happens when we don’t trust the Lord? What happens when we do trust Him?

September 5, 2021 • Psalm 6

September 5, 2021 • Elder Bryce Lowrance – Psalm 6
In this Psalm, David does not plead to have his chastisement to cease. He prays that he would see that God loves him and that is why he needs correction. Further, he prays that his desire to sin be taken away so that he walks upright. David concludes the Psalm by praying that the devil and temptation would be ashamed for even trying to persuade him to walk away from the Lord.